Unveiling Stars of Softness: The Most Chosen Cushion Fabrics of 2023

Cushions are something beyond softness. They are chic and classy pieces of sophistication that bring a lively vibe to any home decor. These tiny bundles of fluffiness decorate both your interior and exterior spaces gracefully. From bedrooms and living rooms to balconies and patios and even gardens, luxury cushions beautify every corner of your house. Since they are largely used inside and out, the fabric you select for them should be chosen considering their uses in all the different potential locations. Because not all cushions demand similar types and quality of fabric. 

For instance, cushions used indoors like on a bed or on a couch do not have to be as long-lasting as one placed in active areas of your house such as on the swing cradle in the lawn. Likewise, a cushion placed on a rarely used chair does not require the same amount of durability as those used on the primary sofa in the family room. Thus if you are planning to buy cushion covers online, it is recommended to analyze your requirements and make the purchase accordingly. 

What Are The Top Most Popular Cushion Fabrics?

From silk to sateen and cotton to linen, there arise a wide variety of fabrics for cushion covers. Making the wrong choice of cushion cover may not only result in a waste of time and money but also be non-satisfactory at the same time. As nowadays you have a vast selection of textiles to be chosen from, it will be helpful to have some background knowledge about these textiles before finalizing one. Sorting here are some of the most popular cushion fabric choices in the year 2023. 

Canvas Cotton 

Canvas is a preferred choice for cushion covers over sofas, chairs, beds, and window seats. It is a strong and durable plain woven fabric made with pure cotton. Since they are not subjected to the weather, cotton cushion covers are great options for usage in the outdoors. Cotton quickly gets a noticeable amount of wrinkles and requires frequent ironing, which makes it less than ideal for areas of excessive usage like children’s or pets’ presence. 

Pure Linen

Linen is a purely natural and eco-friendly fabric. It is pleasant to the touch and easy to clean. Because of the robust texture and incredible sustainability, linen bedding and other related accessories last for a lifetime. Since they are not subjected to the weather, linen cushion covers are an excellent option for both indoor and outside usage throughout the year, including in the warm summer months. 

The other best part about 100% linen is that its texture improves with age, making it more comfortable to use with time. With natural antibacterial properties and exceptional softness, products made of linen, such as linen dresses are measured as suitable for skin-sensitive people. On account of the low maintenance and high durability, linen is always the greatest option for all types of cushion settings.

Silk or Satin 

While silk is among the most luxurious fabrics out there, satin is an excellent upholstery fabric for cushion covers. Since both of these are premium choices, their cushion cases are considered quite costly. Silk cushion covers are mostly employed for prettifying or non-functional purposes rather than active uses. Similarly, satin cushions are very soft and versatile. Though they are expensive, with the right care they can last for a long period of time. 

Nylon And Polyester 

Polyester and nylon are two of the most chosen fabrics in the manufacturing of sofa cushion covers. Although they are synthetic fabrics, they are widely accepted for everyday household usage. While Polyester is more popular; Nylon is sought-after for its remarkable durability. Both these artificial textiles are resilient, easy to clean, and long-lasting, which makes them a great option for bedrooms, living rooms, and even outdoors like garden furniture, corridor benches, etc. 

Buy Luxury Cushion Covers Online 

Looking for luxury cushion covers online in India? Live Linen presents an exclusive collection of luxury linen cushion covers online at the best price in India and around the globe. Choose from the wide range of available shades, shapes, sizes, and design patterns. However, while making the purchase, be a bit conscious as some artificial textiles will be much more hard-wearing than others. Check the durability and colour fastness of the fabric you are buying. 

If you are going with linen, emphasize buying Oeko-Tex Certified linen products only to be sure of the originality. With Live Linen, you will also get customization as per your house calls. Order according to how you are planning to use these tiny packages of beauty and joy at your home. Because the cover fabric you choose has to not only fit the cushion but also the best corner of your house.

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