Cooling Sheets Guide: Which is Best Sheet Material For Hot Sleepers

Which is Best Sheet Material For Hot Sleepers

After a long day, what is that one thing we all look for? The comfort of our bed and those soft, soft sheets. Nothing brings more joy than stretching our legs and wrapping ourselves in those cosy sheets to get a good night’s sleep. But wait! What about those hot sleepers who feel uncomfortable and consistently hot while sleeping? Their sleep is disrupted, and they cannot get the rest they’ve been looking forward to the whole day.

This calls for a solution, and that is exactly what the cool sheets for hot sleepers work towards. They provide warmth and comfort, which otherwise seems like a distant dream. If you are a hot sleeper as well, this guide is for you. Here, we will walk you through the process of selecting the best sheets for hot sleepers.

Before we introduce you to the world of the finest sheet materials, let’s give a little introduction to what exactly cooling sheets are and how they help.

What Are Cooling Sheets And Why You Might Need Them?

Cooling sheets are commonly fabricated from linen, cotton, bamboo, or TENCEL. These materials are naturally comfortable and are known for heat resistance. In simple words, they can control the temperature and draw heat away from the body. Their high thread count provides moisture-wicking and ventilation. This property is what makes them the best bed sheets for hot sleepers. So, if you are someone who just cannot withstand that heat when trying to sleep, cooling sheets are the perfect partner for you!

Bed sheets that keep you cool benefit every sleeper, especially those who feel the heat at night. If you are someone suffering from night sweats and lose your sleep due to the same, cooling sheets will provide immense relief. They reduce the sweat produced and give you a good night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you consistently face hot flashes, these sheets will eliminate the heat and keep you comfortable at all times.

Properties of a Cooling Bed Sheet

What are the properties that make these sheets so effective? Are they all about the thread count? Does mastery lie in the art of temperature control? There are multiple factors which make a sheet cool.

  • Thread Count: Have you seen in movies how the main lead shops for a 300-thread count sheet and does not compromise? Why do you think that is? The answer lies in the comfort it promises. A high thread count can make for the coolest sheets for hot sleepers. If you are one of those sleepers who struggle with the heat, pick a sheet with at least a 200 to 400 thread count.
  • Breathability: Our bodies tend to regulate the body temperature through sweating. So, if you are a hot sleeper, you can easily feel uncomfortable while sleeping. That’s why it is important to pick out sheets which promise breathability.
  • Moisture Wicking: The moisture-absorbing ability of a cooling sheet will give an idea of how comfortable and relaxed you feel while sleeping. This is a key component to look out for while you are buying a fresh pair of sheets for yourself.
  • Weaving Kind: You might feel that the weave only affects the final finish of a sheet. But no. It also affects how your skin responds to the sheet. Linen-woven temperature-regulating sheets work differently from satin-made sheets.
  • Material: Along with all the factors discussed above, the material of sheets for hot sleepers plays a significant role. Their individualist properties play an important factor in providing all-night comfort.

Now that we are talking about the importance of materials, let us have a glance at the best sheet material for hot sleepers.

The Different Materials That Cooling Sheets Can Be Made From

For hot sleepers, choosing the right bedding material can make a significant difference in comfort and sleep quality. Here are some best sheet materials for hot sleepers:

  • Linen: Linen has a soft and comfortable feel, making it the best sheet fabric for hot sleepers. As cool as a cucumber, linen bedsheets boast exceptional moisture absorption abilities, making them an ideal choice for those who tend to overheat during the night. Additionally, linen bedding are celebrated for their versatility, offering both comfort and breathability for a restful night’s sleep.
  • Cotton: How many times have you heard the term “Egyptian Cotton”? This is a luxurious and classic all-weather fabric. Its body-friendly properties make this material a dependable choice for your bed sheets. The natural breathability and cooling abilities of cotton turn it into ideal temperature-regulating sheet.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo fibre is used to create some of the best bedding for hot sleepers. Are bamboo sheets cooling? Yes, they are also a great choice! As this lightweight and breathable material is better than cotton in terms of flexibility and comfort. Bamboo is shrink- and wrinkle-resistant, making it easy to maintain. It even has hypoallergenic properties, promising you a relaxed sleep for 7-9 hours. No more sweats or hot flashes!
  • TENCEL: This softest and coolest sheet material is the most breathable out of all the fabrics and is really lightweight. Adorning it over your mattress replicates the feeling of sleeping on a cloud. This fabric absorbs moisture, regulates temperature, and keeps you cool all night.
  • Microfibre:  Do microfiber sheets make you sweat? No, they don’t. This material is made from a blend of synthetic fabrics and promises quick moisture-wicking abilities. It does not wrinkle or shrink easily, making it a durable choice for cool bed sheet lovers.

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Are sheets for hot sleepers beneficial in the long run? Do you need them? Find out.

Which Materials Make the Best Cooling Bed Sheets?

As discussed above, there are several bed sheet materials to select from. Each comes with its respective properties and benefits. Here is a comparison for a better understanding.

MaterialCooling PropertiesBreathabilityMoisture WickingDurabilityMaintenance
CottonNaturally breathable, soft, and lightweightExcellent breathability, allows air circulationModerate moisture-wicking propertiesDurable, but may shrink or wrinkleMachine washable, may require ironing
LinenHighly breathable and absorbentExceptional breathability, absorbs moisture wellExcellent moisture-wicking propertiesVery durable, improves with ageMachine washable, may wrinkle easily
BambooNaturally cool and soft, with moisture-wickingGood breathability, keeps you cool and dryExcellent moisture-wicking propertiesModerate durability, may pill over timeMachine washable, gentle cycle recommended
Tencel (Lyocell)Derived from sustainable wood sources, the cooling effectExcellent breathability, regulates temperature wellSuperior moisture-wicking propertiesDurable and long-lastingMachine washable, gentle cycle recommended
MicrofiberSynthetic fabric, lightweight and breathableGood breathability, but may retain heatModerate moisture-wicking propertiesDurable and resistant to wrinklesMachine washable, quick-drying, low maintenance
SilkNaturally smooth and cool to the touchGood breathability, luxurious feelExcellent moisture-wicking propertiesDelicate, requires gentle careHand wash or dry clean recommended, avoid direct heat

Unable to  Sleep? A Science-Backed Guide to Choose the Best Cooling Sheets

At times, we feel the temperature rising even when that’s not the case. This is your body feeling uneasy and hot, and eventually, you will be unable to sleep. That’s where cooling sheets play a vital role in keeping you comfortable and promising a relaxing sleep.

How To Choose The Best Bed Sheets For Hot Sleepers?

The key is to choose a material that is lightweight, breathable and wicks away moisture. From the fabrics discussed earlier, understand your requirements and decide on the sheet accordingly. You can select between linen, microfibre, or cotton.

What Bed Sheet Materials Hot Sleepers Should Avoid?

Hot sleepers should generally avoid bed sheet materials that trap heat and moisture, leading to discomfort and disrupted sleep. Here are some materials that hot sleepers may want to avoid:

  • Flannel: Thick, brushed cotton or wool fabric is used to make flannel sheets, which offer insulation and warmth. They do not, however, work well for people who sleep hot since they might trap heat and obstruct ventilation, which can result in overheating at night.
  • Jersey: Cotton or a cotton blend knit fabric is used to make jersey bedding. Jersey fabric tends to be heavier and less breathable than other materials like percale or sateen, so even while the sheets are soft and elastic, they may be too warm for hot sleepers.
  • Synthetic Textiles: Poor quality synthetic materials, such as polyester, can retain moisture and heat, not be breathable, and cause discomfort for those who sleep too hot. It’s crucial to make a thoughtful selection even if premium microfiber sheets can have superior breathability and moisture-wicking qualities.
  • Heavy Weaves: Airflow might be impeded and overheating may result from sheets with heavy weaves, such as cotton that is heavyweight or materials that are densely woven. For improved ventilation and airflow, hot sleepers can choose lighter weaves like sateen or percale.
  • High Thread Count Sheets: Although they are sometimes thought of as being luxurious and silky, high thread count sheets might not be the greatest option for people who sleep hot. Extremely high thread count sheets may feel thicker and less breathable, retaining heat and moisture and making hot sleepers uncomfortable.

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Benefits of Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Cooling sheets work wonders for hot sleepers. They not only drop the body temperature but also provide constant comfort, which is otherwise difficult to achieve. Here are how the best sheets for night sweats improve your sleep –

  • Overcome Seasonal Changes:  A seasonal transition from winter to summer can be difficult. You are used to sleeping on warm and snuggly sheets, but then you start feeling uncomfortable in them. If you use cooling sheets, they will gradually regulate your body temperature.
  • Regulate Temperature: People can be hot sleepers due to several reasons. They might have a naturally hot body, hormonal imbalance, or health conditions like sleep apnea or hyperthyroidism. This disrupts their normal sleep cycle and can impact their overall health. Cool sheets help them stay at ease throughout the night.
  • Sleep Partners with Different Preferences: If you and your partner prefer different AC temperature settings, it can be problematic. Cool sheets target this issue by providing an overall normal temperature while sleeping.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cooling Sheets

Apart from the basic features of cool sheets for hot sleepers, there are a few other factors to keep in mind.

Best Thread Count For Cool Sheets

When it comes to choosing sheets for hot sleepers, a higher thread count does not mean more comfort. Rather, a moderate count is preferred. Select the sheets with a 200 to 400 thread count, as they have the perfect blend of breathability and durability.

  • Lower thread count is rough
  • Higher thread count traps heat


Weaving techniques of your cooling sheets for hot sleepers affect their overall coolness and breathability. 

  • Percale: Offers a crisp and cool feel, although it may wrinkle more than other weaves.
  • Sateen: Known for being soft but may not breathe as well as percale. It is more wrinkle-resistant.

Avoid satin weaves as they are not breathable and may not be ideal for cooling sheets

Stay Cool & Comfy With Live Linen’s Cooling Bed Sheets

Elevate your sleep quality and strike the right balance between comfort and coolness with Live Linen’s sheets. Our cooling bed sheets for hot sleepers offer a refreshing solution to hot sleepers everywhere. Crafted from the finest linen, these sheets not only provide unparalleled comfort but also keep you cool throughout the night. With their superior moisture absorption and breathability, Live Linen linen sheets ensure a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience, even on the warmest nights. Say goodbye to tossing and turning, and embrace the soothing embrace of Live Linen’s cooling bed sheets for nights of uninterrupted comfort. Sleep cool, sleep comfy, with Live Linen.

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