A Glimpse of Our Brand

The luxury label Live Linen has to offer you the best linen creations you might have ever come across. Bringing you the slow and sustainable era of fashion that encourages artisanal love and traditional touch on beautiful European Linens. Come partake on the ship of love and luxury to embrace comfort and solace. The conscious touch of intricate Kantha work and needle overlock by the diligent efforts of our artisans is brought to you by Live Linen.

Promoting Cultural Artwork

In the process of creating an impact on societal norms and unlocking many other doors to embrace the skills of each artisan, we put forward the measure of promoting cultural artwork. The classic work of Kantha running stitches, block printing patterns, everlasting stripes, traditional needle overlock, fancy fringes, and vintage ruffle-work edged with nothing but elegance and par excellence.

The prior motive of the brand is bringing the art and finesse forward of hand-curated European Linens. Here at Live Linen, we prefer creating an environment of equality, love, respect, and mutual appreciation toward art and craft. The detailed linen garments and stunning linen home furnishing invite you to behold warmth and flair.

Sustainable Packaging and Minimizing Waste

People at Live Linen prioritise keeping the idea in mind to minimise wastage as much as possible to approach a sustainable notion in the brand. Because of the fact that we believe in saving the earth from getting polluted and not leaving any carbon footprints. The linen production at Live Linen would never let Mother Nature affect it. Hence, we keep looking for eco-friendly ways.

The process of packaging does not involve any plastic to empower the environment hence, using a sustainable way to pack our love for you seems to be a good idea. Hard cardboard, ribbons, water-soluble polys, and paper are some things that help us stay close to our true notion of conscious luxury. We avoid using plastic tapes and seals unnecessarily while securing lovely creations with paper stickers.

We use product tags attached to all of our products with a jute string to avoid plastic and give a sense of personalisation to each creation. Additionally, our linen quilts are filled with the love of our artisans and the luxury of cotton filling. Organically grown cotton from plants in subtropical countries is used to fill our linen quilt collection to avoid the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals.

The entire packaging, being conscious and sustainable, will not let you worry about degrading the waste since the paper boxes are pretty biodegradable, just like our linen. A linen fabric starts degrading after two weeks of dumping, so you can easily dump this beautiful fabric without hampering the environment when you get bored of this beautiful fabric (which is never).

Encouraging Local Artisans

A conscious brand that desires to empower living for everyone’s benefit. Every creation at Live Linen is a by-product of our artisan’s love, care, and crafted efforts. Our skilled artisans make each linen creation to bring luxury through the art of expression. The skilled craftsmen adorn our linen beauties with coconut husk buttons, Kantha running stitches, and handwork with efficient efforts just so you embrace the comfort of every little thing.


Here at Live Linen, we believe in keeping wastage as minimal as possible; in order to do so, we manage to keep the inventory stock zero, and hence, we offer you made-to-order linen creations. We aspire to build an emotional connection with our clientele; hence, our artisans handcraft beautiful linen home furnishing and clothing to offer the luxury you deserve. After all, the feeling when you wear something that is specially handcrafted for you, accentuating each minor detail, is another level of luxury.



Quality Craftsmanship

Our luxury label, Live Linen, prioritizes artisans and their art of expression. The well-made and reliable European Linens are each made with attention to detail and have to be one of the most essential ethos.

Comfort and Functional

We take it as our responsibility to introduce you to the most breathable and gentle fabric of all time. Linen is ideal for any season because of its moisture-wicking properties and is functional as it can be washed easily.

Customer Satisfaction

Live Linen strives to provide exceptional customer satisfaction and experience. The brand values revolve around building a reliable relationship that lasts long and ensures the happiness of each customer.

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